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TEX Boxes

The TEX Thermal Exchanger box receives the heated fluid and directs it energy(by air mover) to the affected areas, resulting in a rapid increase in the rate of evaporation. The result? The World's fastest drying System

"And it saved them $26,000 Dollars to not have to replace that Floor"

"I had installed a wood floor and approx 2 months later the had a pipe burst in their building and the wood floors sat for a minimum of 8 hours with at least 2-3 inches of water on it. I had given them Elite Total Restoration LLC's Contact info a previous carpet cleaning job.

So they called them to come out and work on the carpet part but they assumed the wood floor would be a lost. But Elite offered to save the wood floor with a new procedure that they had for drying wood floor. And it saved them $26,000 Dollars to not have to replace that floor."

Cindy, Builders Carpet and Design Center 

Elite Total Restoration LLC is the first in East Texas to use Directed Heat Drying to get you home faster!.

The TES Unit

The TES power plant generates a high temperature in a unique heat exchange fluid. The fluid is the transferred with a high volume pump through specially-design insulated hoses to the Thermal EXchanger (TEX) box